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Cedric D. Rainey was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and has lived in North Carolina for several years. During his undergraduate studies at Hampton University, Cedric was an advocate for improvement in the community by spearheading projects that increased the viability of local businesses in the downtown area of Hampton, Virginia. His goal to improve the local community continues now through his work as an attorney.


A pillar of Cedric's practice is legal advocacy, which is a concept rooted in his belief that as an attorney his job is to assist those who have been legitimately wronged in an effort to improve our legal system. Cedric's passion for the law stems from a genuine belief that a fair and balanced legal system is a vital aspect of a healthy society, and individuals seeking legal recourse for another person or corporation's wrongful acts deserve their day in court. 


Prior to attending law school, Cedric worked in Virginia as a District Consumer Development Manager at a Fortune 500 company. In this position, he managed partnerships with 23 local business owners and their employees, helping increase their revenues by $2.2 million dollars by offering additional services. He believes strongly in volunteerism and giving back to the community. Learning from these experiences, he now takes great pride in providing legal services to individuals and businesses in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. 

Hampton University, Bachelor of Arts
Wake Forest University, Juris Doctor


(704) 900-2125

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